Who we are

Meet Jay, the visionary behind Meals 4 Impact, where passion for entrepreneurship, philanthropy, fitness, and nutrition converge. Embarking on a transformative three-year tour across America with the Dream Machine Foundation, Jay collaborated with global brands and celebrities, helping raise $5 million and fulfilling more than 1,500 dreams for those in need.

Having intimately witnessed the challenges of hunger, homelessness, and foster care, Jay was determined to turn her unique experiences into a solution – Meals 4 Impact.

At Meals 4 Impact, we're not just providing fresh, macro-balanced meals; we're igniting a journey for those committed to becoming the best versions of themselves. Fueled by Jay's profound passion for cooking, fitness, and social impact, we believe in nourishing lives and creating lasting change, one meal at a time.

Jay's dedication to better nutrition and her mission to elevate lives have empowered many to reach their optimum selves. 

Join us on the transformative journey of Meals 4 Impact and be a part of something that goes beyond just a meal – it's a commitment to positive change.